Welcome to Greg Lawson Galleries online. This site is an introduction to the Passion For Place gallery located in Sedona, Arizona. The West Sedona destination is a sanctuary site away from the heart of town providing a place to slow down and connect with your favorite images depicting Lawson's experiences in the worldwide fieldGLG Arizona Web copy.

Greg Lawson Galleries is a must-see for lovers of nature. Greg’s work depicting wildlife, landscapes and fascinating places is noted for drawing viewers into the image as if they are with him on location. Whether the portrayal is strong or simple, the spirit of an independent producer is present in every image ─ and there are always 330 unique images on display. The collections depicting Lawson’s ‘passion for place’ have been created in all still-camera formats throughout his enduring history as a photographic artist.

Current Features . . .

Artists and dramatic seasonal russets, golds, ambers, and reds are a perfect match made every autumn in much of the earth. In October, Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place Gallery invites visitors to fall in love with the splendors of this beloved season where fall’s flame of color is showcased in images from North America, Asia and Europe.

Experience various ways we see the world through distinctive images created by accomplished and professional photographers at the WorldTour Exhibitions event taking place October 20-28 in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. The showcase, produced by Greg Lawson, will be open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in Marshall Square located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale’s renowned arts district at 7077 East Main Street. Meet participating artists during the exhibition and at the meet-and-greet artist receptions taking place October 20 and 27 during Scottsdale’s weekly ArtWalk from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. These opportunities give visitors and patrons time to meet various photographers, hear some ‘behind the camera’ experiences and even have their images signed.

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, Greg Lawson Galleries is hosting a Centennial Celebration art show featuring some of America’s treasured and iconic landscapes and historic sites found within our National Parks. The show exhibits Park images from A to Z by spotlighting National Parks like Acadia in the state of Maine, to Zion in Utah.

With the presence of a focused museum, Arizona's largest exclusive image gallery serves as an inspiring photographic arts center, gift shop & site for education as well a sanctuary place to slow down, connect with nature, and enjoy the spice of light secured for history through Lawson's enduring relationship with the land and its creatures.

Earlier in 2016, Greg Lawson introduced "Days of Distinction" -- a book featuring quotations gleaned from travel experiences and trailside musings with space provided for personal journal notations. "Days of Distinction" is available at the Greg Lawson Galleries gift shop or may be ordered by calling 928.202.0340