Welcome to the online gateway to Greg Lawson Galleries in Sedona, Arizona.

The Art Tasting Room in Uptown Sedona provides an introduction to Greg Lawson global photography and the opportunity to acquire appetizer sized art from the Lawson collection.

The West Sedona Gallereum is a Greg Lawson museum which includes the Passion for Place Gallery.  It’s a sanctuary site away from the heart of town providing a place to slow down and connect with favorite images depicting Lawson’s history and experiences in the worldwide field.

Sedona Photography Gallery: Greg Lawson Galleries / Passion for Place is located at 2679 West State Route 89A, Sedona, Arizona 86336

Greg Lawson Galleries is a must-see for lovers of nature. Greg’s work depicting wildlife, landscapes and fascinating places is noted for drawing viewers into the image as if they are with him on location. Whether the portrayal is strong or simple, the spirit of an independent producer is present in every image ─ and there are always 330 unique images on display in the Gallereum. The collections depicting Lawson’s ‘passion for place’ have been created in all still-camera formats throughout his enduring history as a photographic artist.

Current Features:

Spring, for most people, is a time of anticipation and fulfillment. Spring invigorates life following a period of slumber; it is like a pleasant rain following an oppressive drought; like the eye of a hurricane offering a period of relief between extremes.

Birds and Blooms at Greg Lawson GalleriesTwo quintessential elements of this cherished season are the bursts of floral offerings and the return of happy voices to the trees, bushes and the grasses of our awakening share.

Global estimates of 400,000 different flowering plant species and more than 10,000 bird varieties means that none of us will see it all, but each of us has ample opportunity to witness a dazzling array of birds and blooms on even a casual outing into the natural world that surrounds us.

‘Birds and Blooms’ is a theme at Greg Lawson Galleries this season, where a comparatively small collection of floral gems and feathered friends, frozen in time, will greet customers at the West Sedona location.

Nature is at the core of Greg Lawson’s image collection and a foundation for his numerous bound and framed art presentations. His lifelong immersion into the natural world has yielded a substantial portfolio of the earth and its many elements.