Limited Editions


Pricing for experienced artists is governed by history, content, and reputation. When it comes to these factors, consider Greg Lawson:

History: Greg Lawson is a naturalist and visual artist with sixty years of experience in using still cameras ranging from historic large format film to modern digital in capturing positive experiences globally.

Content: Seven continents, fifty states, wildlife, human accomplishment, planetary places, flora, and natural abstracts are the elements of Greg’s work, and all are embedded with love for planet, place, and populations.

Reputation: People from all walks of life, from all populated continents of Earth, have acquired and thoughtfullyGreg Lawson art and wall decor for home and office shared comments of joy and appreciation for Lawson’s work … plus

  • It has been ‘proudly displayed’ in America’s White House.
  • Greg Lawson is listed as one of America’s top professionals in the historic and respected  Marquis list of Who’s Who in America.
  • Greg’s creations have been selected and honored as the ‘Best of the Best’ in New York, Scottsdale, and La Jolla.
  • Millions of copies of Greg Lawson productions have been acquired by choice over the decades.


Greg Lawson Limited Editions are created in sizes 500 square inches or larger.

They are typically created as contemporary metal, traditional canvas, or acrylic layering productions.

Limited Edition pieces are certificated. Retail pricing ranges from about $1,675 and is predicated on size, not on media.

Greg Lawson art and wall decor for home and office