Welcome to Greg Lawson Galleries online. This site is an introduction to the Passion For Place gallery located in Sedona, Arizona. The West Sedona destination is a sanctuary site away from the heart of town providing a place to slow down and connect with your favorite images depicting Lawson’s experiences in the worldwide field.

Sedona Photography Gallery: Greg Lawson Galleries / Passion for Place is located at 2679 West State Route 89A, Sedona, Arizona 86336

Greg Lawson Galleries is a must-see for lovers of nature. Greg’s work depicting wildlife, landscapes and fascinating places is noted for drawing viewers into the image as if they are with him on location. Whether the portrayal is strong or simple, the spirit of an independent producer is present in every image ─ and there are always 330 unique images on display. The collections depicting Lawson’s ‘passion for place’ have been created in all still-camera formats throughout his enduring history as a photographic artist.

Current Features:

The Human Nature exhibition explores mankind’s creativity in the realms of art and architecture found worldwide. Man-made marvels from the oldest monument in existence to the tallest human engineered architectural creation on earth are included in this image showcase and gallery reception Friday, March 3rd, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Also currently exhibited at Greg Lawson Galleries are a collection of images stripped down to the bare essentials in a showcase featuring black and white print productions created in modern media and historic silver gelatin stylizations.

“The trip from black to white contains many shades of gray,” says global image artist Greg Lawson.  “These limited tonalaties have the capacity to focus our attention on subtleties that can make the full spectrum something of a distraction by comparison.”

“A monochrome print is a good storyteller in its own right,” Lawson continues.  “It can make us peer into the image more deeply and therefore pull out of it a greater depth of meaning or understanding, particularly when that’s the purpose of the print.”

“Because it strips our visual cognizance down to the bare minimum, the B&W can sometimes elicit greater insight from within; it opens the door for us to recreate the impression into a message that contains a full spectrum, perhaps not of color and hue, but of subtle or even shrouded messaging.”

All Greg Lawson monochrome or black and white prints are available as museum quality silver gelatin productions on fiber based upgrades, with either selenium or sepia toning.

Greg Lawson Galleries features black and white images from seven continents during January 2017