Welcome to Greg Lawson Galleries online. This site is an introduction to our physical gallery located in Sedona, Arizona. Over the decades Lawson has operated several brick-and-mortar galleries in the USA. The current Sedona location serves as one of the largest exclusive image galleries anywhere and features Lawson’s Passion For Place world-scape gallery along with the Zona Sedona collection of Southwest imagery.

Our vast collection of images includes strong Sedona photography for sure, but besides the Arizona photography collection, all seven continents of the earth and many islands of the seas are represented tooGLG Arizona Web copy.

What kind of images will you find here? All kinds of nature photography: wildlife, landscape and seascape, world destinations and unique places nearby and far, far away.

A visit to the gallery in Sedona, will provide the chance to visualize one of Lawson’s fine art photography pieces on the wall, and there are always 200 unique pieces produced on a variety of media.

Greg Lawson Galleries is a must-see for those drawn to nature  photography. Greg’s work depicting our world is noted for inviting viewers into the image as if they are with him on location. Whether the portrayal is strong or simple, the spirit of an independent producer is present in every image ─ and there are always 200 unique images on display. The collections depicting Lawson’s ‘passion for place’ have been created in all still-camera formats throughout his enduring history as a photographic artist.